workerbiatch is in fact a Gen-Xer (and NOT a “Millenial” as those labelists like to emphatically reduce her existence to) that has spent too much time in a cubicle. It’s a good thing she doesn’t go by labels or should might more accurately describe herself as a cusp middle child, stuck somewhere between the Xs and the Ys. Whatever the case may be, she’s accumulated some serious material over her years. She’s convinced this material hasn’t been too kind to her fragile psyche, but has made her a much wiser person overall and most likely funnier as a result.

To contact Workerbiatch, hit her up at workerbiatch@yahoo.com.


3 Comments on “About”

  1. How would one get in touch with the worker biatch via email?

  2. Zack Miller says:

    Hi worker biatch,
    just stumbled upon the article ‘trialing is good for you and me’ and loved it. I wanted to know if we could repost it (with full attribution of course) on a site we’re building out called, BizzyWomen.com. The site focuses on issues like this one with an edge towards women.

    What do you say?


  3. […] About […]

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