Be Your Own Social Networking Advocate

It’s ironic that someone like me, in a former life, an online exhibitionist – whose muse used to be disastrous dating stories and whose mouthpiece was blogging – gets shy these days on subject of work-life blurring on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

My day job consists of educating people on the necessity of online marketing, the importance of community-building tools in general, and how the web can make content dynamic and have a far greater reach and impact on your audience. I believe wholeheartedly in what I do. In fact, these days, businesses must adopt technology-savvy, holistic approaches when thinking about going to market with a product. It’s a prerequisite for success.

In the past year as I’ve become more of a part-time, seasonal blogger and full-time desk jockey, I’ve been finding I need to separate my work and life activities more. This wasn’t a problem in the past since most of my gigs weren’t “career-track” type jobs, but as I get older, and more serious about my 9-5ish lifestyle, I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to keep this boundary intact, which makes me crave privacy even more.

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