I’ve Found MyPath…Really I Have!

mpathThis is a note to all of you who faithfully read this site. I’ve neglected my favorite little blog (shhh, don’t tell this place or that place) as I’ve been undeniably fast-tracking it with my day job and all my responsibilities there. This is in no way a means of making excuses. Only to say that I’m acknowledging my tardy, miscreant ways and ready to repay you with a chock-full of career/entrepreneurship pieces aimed at satisfying you in ways only your mind’s conjurings could envision.

So where’s the beef, so to speak?

Much of what I worked on during the Summer months has now been published on MyPath, Manpower’s new online career destination. To read my stuff you will have to register (I tried work-arounds, but alas, Snap-It and SnapZ Pro X were not having any of it) so if you want to read my funny shit, you’ll have to sacrifice a period of 1-2 minutes and just register. From there, the following links should work:

Practicing the Art of the Business Pitch

How to Attract Clients, Win Business, & Wear Many Hats without Losing Your Hair

Earning Your Degree in Entrepreneurship

Five Reasons Your Career May Need A Makeover

Blogging to Build the Business of You: Q&A with Penelope Trunk

To read more of my work, you can always find my portfolio here