WorkerBiatch’s Inspir-0-meter

Take That, Byatches

Because some weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, it may be hard to keep positive and focused on the career of you, here’s some sounds bytes that should help recharge you:

  • 2 Zen 2 be True: The Zappos Way of Managing:  I know it sounds cliche, but really, wouldn’t you want the CEO of your company to be so confident in your business’ fiscal health, that he can focus on the bigger things in life? Like, how to keep you happy?
  • Take the Higher Note Once in A While: Yes, Ladies. It is ok to say the “F-word” in the workplace. Just mumble it under your breath if you’re surrounded by people you may not like. Hot air rises.
  • Feel it In Your Fingers, Fill it In Your Toes (& Stop There): Sometimes just seeing the beauty in human design and engineering inspires me aesthetically. Pick the thing that does it for you and gaze. With time, you may not experience the residual osmotic effect you desire (rendering you a Buckminster Fuller fill-in), but odds are you’ll peak eventually and have enough plateau-like moments in between to get you through the thick.
  • 1 Million People Give a Crap About Poo (& You): Social networking gives us a limitless, infinite world as far as our words and actions go. Just look at Susan Boyle. Yeah, we know she looks like Harry Potter in drag, but she sings like a dream.
  • Newspapers Have a Pulse: At least for now…

One Comment on “WorkerBiatch’s Inspir-0-meter”

  1. […] of setting employees at ease by making the work less about the $$ and more about the culture (and seem to succeed at this). For those of us a little more pragmatic in terms of wanting to pay the bills, other places, such […]

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