Training is for everyone.

Training is for everyone.

I’m in the middle of a 3-day Dreamweaver training course and loving it. I’m feeling very happy to be working at a place that invests in my career and in turn, acknowledges that the very tools I’m learning I can then add to my basket o’skills (aside from my charm and upbeat personality, that is) and bring that with me to work everyday.

So here are the bigger things I’m learning from this course (apart from containers, IDs, CSS, classes, yada, yada) and why companies should do their part to invest in their employees:

  • You were are always on my mind: While classes/offsite trainings take us away from the office, when we’re in the class, not going all out ADD, we’re constantly thinking about ways we can apply what we’re learning to current and future projects
  • Just sprinkle some fertilizer: Going to classes gives us an opportunity to meet others in similar or non-similar modi operandi. There is always networking going on, sharing of ideas, workplace shvitzing, cross-pollination. Plus, with women (and many of these classes are majority women) there’s always a ton of cross-fertilization going on.
  • Lava lamps not necessary: When we return to the office after our brief jaunt, we’re brewing with positive, well-informed, innovative ideas. This spreads like wildfire to the rest of the workforce, which in turn, increases productivity and efficiency over all.

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