The Economy Blows, But Is There Hope?

I’ve been reading my share of blog posts on the state of the economy and how this affects our job market here in the U.S. The truth is I don’t need to read about soaring oil prices, corporate lay-offs and companies cutting back to offset the recession. Like most Americans, I’m living it.

When Lehman announced its bankruptcy last week, it may not have come as a complete shock to the executive(s) who received padded severance packages, but to quote Pamela Slim’s recent post on the subject, “How Many of Lehman’s employees had back-up plans”?

How many of any of us have back-up plans? We cringed as we watched dejected financial analysts escorted out of their workplace. Not so much because we felt bad for them (albeit we did) but because we sensed that if that kind of thing could happen to an institution like Lehman what prevents the rest of us from swallowing the same fate? And perhaps in rapid succession?

I’ve been self-employed for a few months now working freelance. I’m actively looking to re-enter the workforce in the hopes of finding more gainful employment. But if my experience with start-ups has taught me anything it’s that even in a more stable economy and thriving job market, there’s no such thing as job security.

What my time away from the office has given me is perspective. I now have a firmer grasp on what kind of company I want to work for, the culture that I work best in, and the people I work best with. These might all seem superfluous given the dire state of our financial outlook and the need for green, but even when the chips are down, it’s important to buckle up, be selective, and only accept what will make you happy.

Or as my GPS would say “recalculate route” and “proceed with caution.”


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