Wading in the Calm

This is me. This is me on work at work when I work.

This is me. This is me on work at work when I work.

After a few busy, hectic weeks of wedding mania, I’ve now settling back into the mundane routine of my day-to-day.

I’m not good with down time.

I prefer keeping a maddeningly Olympic-speed frenzied professional pace. It suits my quasi-Type A personality and affords me the mental stimulation to keep my brain cells from dying off at an exponential rate.

While I’ve never resorted to recreational drug use and drink maybe twice a year (and mostly on Jewish holidays when it’s mandated), I’m still neurotic about my mind slowing down.

I’m sure it’s an age thing – up there with my teeth going yellow in the near future from too much caffeine and the brow lines that have prematurely crept their way unto my face. Getting old happens, but having too much time too think about such uncontrollable circumstances really doesn’t have to. It just means you’re not actively preoccupied enough with stuff that really interests you.

It’s easy to love yourself when you’re too busy to care. It’s another thing to muster enough confidence to feel the same when you’re experiencing a drought.

So while I await all the new professional opportunities that are bound to come my way (even in this slowish economy), I’ve decided to make a list of all the banal, albeit useful ways that I could choose to occupy my time:

  1. Make an appointment with the dentist. It’s gross to think I’ve gone 4 years without getting a cleaning.
  2. Order new set of contact lenses and update my lenses for my glasses. Never underestimate the importance of proper lighting and a good pair of respectable, stylish glasses, especially when you spend your days and nights on the computer. Your eyes are your most coveted asset, apart from your growing ass which makes for a good cushion.
  3. Maybe read the first of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series I’ve heard so many good things about. This one is a more timely to-do as when the Twilight movie comes out, I will never end up reading the book. Why bother?
  4. Discover and try new recipes from The Book of New Israeli Food, a wonderful cookbook my mother-in-law gave me months ago.
  5. Use my Best Buy $100 coupon to buy a much-needed vacuum cleaner, but might treat myself to Rafael Nadal Tennis for Wii instead.
  6. Go see Tropic Thunder with my husband and laugh our asses off. I think we’ve earned it…

One Comment on “Wading in the Calm”

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