The Upside of Social Networking?

Quote of the day:

What ever happened to human contact and the kind of gut instinct first impressions that only come from true face time? Sure, there are upsides to cyber-connections. You save postage by not having to mail out hundreds of résumés. You save on gas by not having to drive to dozens of interviews, but the downside is you could spend three weeks on LinkedIn networking with the CEO of a startup, only to find out that his headquarters is a cardboard box and he just changed the name of his company to “Homeless Depot.” (Plus the stock-option, base salary, sign-on bonus package he offered you was actually a scratch-and-sniff tear-out from Mademoiselle that he triumphantly excavated from a recent dumpster dive.)

Courtesy of Tom Stern (author of the blog, “A Kick in Your Career”, Fast Company.)

And for the more visual learners, here’s a video that effectively breaks down SN into more palatable terms:


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