Sites, like People, Are Meant to Grow Up

Building a site with your partner can teach you many wonderful things

Building a site with your partner can teach you many useful things about yourself

These days it’s hip to engage in a little couples blogging, start businesses with your spouse and/or partner, and even employ the internet as your #1 weapon when things head South between you and your attention-starved loved one. But how does the average person go about starting a site with their significant other and make it work without potentially encroaching in shark-infested choppy waters?

My husband and I started a site last year. From the get-go, our site was something incredibly personal. Even its name, Amaldo, took on more human-scale proportions. This form was inextricably linked to our first loves- for me, writing and for him, design.

In the beginning, we worked side-by-side like mad scientists pouring all of our energy into video shorts and blogging endeavors. Over time, with the advent of busy careers, our baby (Amaldo), got sidelined in the pursuit of career tracks and weekend trips to Ikea leaving us little energy or desire to promote our site, recruit talent, and update what demanded updating on a fairly regular, if not daily, basis.

Having recently made over the site (and backed up our old site) to accommodate my growing online writing business, my husband and I were overcome with a sense of nostalgia, regret, and sentimental sappiness over the prospect of closing a very dear chapter in our lives. We started the site when our relationship was new – in the honeymoon phase – and felt our unrelenting efforts to have the site succeed reflected our hunger and passion for each other.

So what would the next chapter bring us that could possibly compete?

Prior to its present state, I struggled for a while with the identity of our site. This is partially because Amaldo had strayed so far from its original purpose. For a while before we took it down, it had become a lackluster site and shell of its former glory days due to our pure negligence- lack of time and sufficient resources.

Eventually I was able to come around to the realization that sites, much like people, are fluid and can and should grow and evolve with the shift in time and place.

For now I’ll have to settle on Amaldo being a place where my husband and I can still flaunt our rockin’ pop culture blog and contribute when the moods hits us. The trade-off is having more time to invest our day gigs and each other when we have time off.

We’ve resigned ourselves to park our other dreams and aspirations for our site in the driveway for a while, but with the knowledge that we can go back and reinvent and revitalize our site when and if we choose and not be worse people for it.


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