How Much Are Our Favorite Gals Worth?

These women put the $$ where their shoes are.After immersing myself in scribing cultural commentary on Sex & The City mania this past weekend, I got to thinking about real-life Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda counterparts and how much they might actually earn. We all know that the show is fantasy and that whatever opinion you might hold on fashion, these girls spend a pretty penny on flexing their closet muscles squandering their limited income on clothes and accessories they couldn’t possibly afford in real life. But aren’t you just a little curious as to the average salary of each of these characters and how far such a salary would go in a city with one of the highest costs of living globally? Especially, since we rarely see these gals fret (or sweat) too much over their day jobs and they seem to have plenty of time left over to juggle men and kvetching? Work-life balance and salary that supports a frivolous livelihood? Say no more…

Breakdown of S&TC salaries:

  • Carrie is a sex columnist, sometime contributor for Vogue magazine. Average income for a columnist living in NYC is $66,000. The average price of a pair of Manolo Blahniks is $500.
  • Samantha is a big-time publicist. Average income for such a profession in NYC is $60,000.
  • Charlotte is an art gallery manager. Her real-life counterpart would be pulling $89,000.
  • Miranda, as an attorney, naturally makes the most money. At $115,000, hers is the income most in sync with the S&TC lifestyle.

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