Introductory Post: So Much For Adulation

I got the idea for this blog when I started tabulating all the hours I bank bitching about my job. I wanted to turn over a new chapter in what had become a rather tedious, I‘m sick of hearing myself vent non-stop existence and so I resorted to the one hobby I’d made an actual career off of at one point in my life: Constructive kvetching.

Believe it or not there is an actual art to complaining and my dream has always been to make loads of money doing so. Why not? Woody Allen based an entire genre of film and a lucractive film career off it. “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” proved that there was an at-home market for this brand of humor.

Back to this blog…

Ironically the person that inspired the name of this blog is one of those work people I vent about, sometimes more than I would like. Teamwork has a way of putting a strain on otherwise innocuous relationships (Translation: it can make your everyday interactions read more like a re-enactment of Joan Crawford in “Mommie Dearest” with you in the supporting role at the receiving end of the hanger)

One day we were all sitting around the lunch table when she made the astute observation that early in my job, I’d been our previous boss’ “prison biatch”. I laughed at this because a) it made me slightly uncomfortable and i get like that in moments of complete and utter shock and b) it was totally accurate as far as analogies go.

The thing that made me uncomfortable was that I wasn’t entirely sure I wasn’t anyone’s biatch anymore – if I hadn’t somehow migrated from being person A’s biatch to this particular woman’s biatch. In any event, the facts didn’t sit well with me. I liked the analogy however and vowed to slip it into conversations as often as possible, much to the astonishment of my husband.

I’m a firm believer in wrapping things up quickly and moving on. Context is key and since we’ve established on some level the etymology of this blog, we can forge forward into future posts on:

  • “T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K” being a 4-letter word
  • Why “ownership” and jargon related to car metaphors (like “driving”) when referencing your career trajectory is bullocks
  • How to keep afloat and propel yourself forward while ensuring others envy you

It’s not so much about empowerment. What can I possibly tell you that you don’t already know? It’s more about reclaiming your life and putting others in their place. It’s those small everyday feats that make you feel a little less small about yourself.


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